ASTI (26.09.07)

I m sitting in an internet cafe in Asti. It s 21.15. I got the assignement "night life" in Monferrato. Yesterdaz night I walked around until one in the morning and had a couple of good pics but as zou can imagine here at night it's dead. And probably you can imagine that we got that theme exactly for this reason. I saz we... there is a girl also on that topic. I must admit that it is a bit frustrating cause she access to almost everzwhere with her big smile and probablz i have underestimated the situation a bit. By the fact that she hadn't a very good feed back during the poretfolio review she s totalley motivated... My situation is alwys the same. They tell me I can shoot, that I m NOT enough patient and I feell that i reallz dont know where to go. I see this war photographers, nice guys, hard guys... they have what we call success... but do they live a successfull life? No home, no warmth... just nightmares where the corps they ve seen look at them... they have lived more horror and desperation that their cameras could fix. Is it what I m looking for? Why do I admire them? why does their work appeals so much to me? They say: move, travel, go and see the world... leave the confort and do your job. Stop doing colored magazine. Do what you feel. Stop thinking that the photographers go to crisis zones for winning award ore theyr ego. They the world to know. And they are excellent storztellers. If zou are not nobodz will listen. Hmmmmm... As Stanlez would say with hes american accent: voilà (ooalaa) food for thoughts. And what thoughts. Ok now I have to show that I can stay up until seven. I will do a great job. I have an appointement at a night club, I got permission taking pictures inside... you imagine? Permissions I didnt get cause I thought it was impossible.... I got bz walking in last night with my army shoos, my leather jacket, my uncut beard and the camera hanging on my shoulder... in the middle of rich clients and awesome russian beauties I think I was the one to picture in that moment. Haha! So: wish me good luck for this cold and rainz night... and if zou got ideas of topics into night life.... write it in comments down HERE

ACE OF SPADES (17.09.07)

Informations about the workshop I was selected for (HERE)
My very good friend Julien Gregorio is visiting me here in Berlin with his 4 months old son and his girlfriend. It's about drinking and talking photography, about his newborn hero, about life going on and energy for new projects. It's a moment full of happiness this days here in Berlin. he sun is shining as if it was summer, we hang around and let life be and things seem to happen.
A couple of young "Christ Rockers" (I change the name here for several reasons) finally invitated me for doing the pictures at their wedding. It was really great. They were dressed classic, the bride in white, he in black, out in the german nature, big grey clouds and the sun shining through... and a punk-rock band playing meanwhile!!! beautiful!
In the evening coming home late I found the e-mail telling me that I was chosen for the workshop among a lot of young talented photographers. I was on a waiting list and one selected person couldn't participate so I got his place. Just awesome. It will be so great!!! Stanley Greene (infos) will coach us with Kadir van Lohuizen (infos) and some editors, journalists and "who knows" will drop by... and this in Piemonte. It'a dream. Really so great. I'm so happy and it means so much to me. And I have to thank so many people for this (I will, privately). WOW.
Then an association saw some pictures of mine in a magazine and want me to do similar ones for them. It's just what you dream hearing one day! And perfectly when coming back from Piemonte I probably have a wedding near by my parents place. So I'll make some money for my living and my projects. What a week!!! Only last week I was depressed hanging around in front of my computer while the sky was grey. Thanks for keeping on reading and leaving comments! The batman movie isn't serious photographer's work and I hope that some of my clients and friends reading will not judge me for this. That's also photographer's life!!! ;) CIAO

STRAFELICE (16.09.07)

ho buone notizie. Uno dei prescelti per l partecipazione alla
Masterclass, è impossibilitato a partecipare, e quindi si è aperta la
disponibilità di un posto.
Sei ancora interesatoa apertecipare? 23 sett/3 ott
Fammi sapere al più presto, in caso afermativo possiamo metterci
d'accordo per i dettagli.
Aspetto notizie,
Focus on Monferrato Masterclass

This mail I received yesterday really made me sooo happy! :))) I was choosen among a lot of young agency-photographers to be part of an awesome workshop in Piemonte, starting in just one week. I was on the waiting list until now... maybe some of you remember the first mail... if not click (here). It's soooo great!!! Yuhuuuuuu!!!

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