Previously on 24 (15.01.09)

in the pic: snowboard crash, or... discovering what magazines really are made for

The following takes place between...

17.59.58 I'm sitting in a bar in a typical swiss village sending out a series of 8 pictures of the ski camp with disabled people I'm doing up here as instructor... to the world press contest. It's always an exciting experience having a deadline to respect in strange situations. Wireless is working so so. That's why I can write two lines on the blog while sipping my beer... Cheers!

18.29.59 It didn t work and I didn t want to spend any more money so I m sitting in a Toyota Jeep (our cook led me), only the macbook enlightening the darkest night ,next to a hotel where I found a free whireless spot by driving around. If it was an American serial TV action drama , broadcasted by Fox, it would look rock and roll: reality is just complicated and cold hehe! Now I have to go back to the warm chalet ,to my disabled friends, for dinner.

22.38.00 Jack Bauer back in thw freezing car parked outside a hotel. Chloe O'Brian (Julien Gregorio) just called from a bar in Geneva, a bit sad but fun. World Press still not working. Cold. Captions going crazy. I m going to cry :.(

24.00.00 It finally worked after editing correctly the dates in the captions My legs are freezing and the computer's battery empty. You can see the 8 pictures on my official site...

a video to this link (HERE)