Ticino: wine cellar. published on SonntagsZ eastern issue ©ralbertalli

Back to snow stormy Berlin, from my short but intense Tour-de-Suisse, the phone rings and again I got a chance to do a photo job for the NZZaS, from here (to be done next week). I'm really happy! Still I wonder how it comes that things always happen when you're about to quit. I have almost taken the decision that my life will soon or later continue in Geneva, next to my friends photographers... where we can mutually motivate us and collaborate on reportage projects. The split is alway between beeing a zero in this big "artistic" Berlin living together with my girlfriend (wich i really like), or making a living as a photographer in "still big but no that big" Geneva. And exactly as I plan to quit, work flows in even here (after more than one year waiting). The real problem is that appartments in Geneva are not to be found so easily and they do cost TOO much, but a base of body of work (photography !) would already be waiting for me and a room 20 min from city also... I will go to this place for one month and have a try.
By the way: there is no way for me to go to Gaza. So I'll keep up the truck-driver project and start again with the jeezus rockers or the wall project. It's hard to motivate yourself. But no use talking about it. Now the sun shines outside. We're also thinking about taking a trip to Cisgiordania (english?)... 

This last weeks I had to refuse some 4 or 5 pretty important press jobs (!!!) because i had other jobs or was in the wrong place! This is just SO AWESOME then they never happen in those periods when you are dying of boredom. Unbelievable.

ABEL (08.03.08)

Some of you might remember the first blog I had toghether with Aglaia... so you probably see on wich common project we worked and some of you may even have seen the exhibition back in homeland Ticino... A year has almost past since, and finally, thanks to Aglaia's focused motivation, a gallery in Mitte Berlin will show the work. It's really great news! An important goal; especially for her. More details on Aglaia's blog (here).

And for the courious among you: the nzz.a.s issue of last week, publishing my first berlin assignment. click (here)

As Aglaia (click here) reminds me (kindly) it was NOT my first Berlin assignment since I shot some gigs for a heavy metal magazine... I wonder WHY I don't consider it serious work (...)