Almost 4 months since coming back from Afghanistan. Really happy having quiet a lot of (even if mostly small, but not only) assignments. Time seems to be missing for the rest. For the agency. For a structured social life. And for finally editing Afghanistan and showing the work a bit around to editors or gallerists... or friends. What did suddenly wake me up? Swiss Reporters Sans Frontières publishes a beautiful magazine. I was asked to show some new work to be considered for publication. I called Aurélien at Actinic. And the poor guy was so enthousiastic about the work and the challenge that he agreed to work days, but mostly nights, on my negatives and raws. Memory works in mysterious ways, and I keep strange moments in mind, related to this: Rain in the dark. My bag smelling of kebab I braught him late in the evening. Remember the smell of coffee we got by his car in the morning. Same car stopping down in the street in front of my flat at 2 in the morning bringing the prints. Heavy rain all te time. Me wet, waiting at bus stops. Remember all the test prints. Us standing there in the lab and discussing heavily about things only passionate people can stand. 15 prints I brought to Zurich to an editor.
What has been said is no matter for a blog but in the end: some text is missing. So I contacted the couple of swiss magazines I know the writers to be good, and proposed this new work to be published. Telling them allready the text would be a contribution also to RSF. Answers were very positive. Especially from the italian-speaking and the french-speaking region. Still havent' got answers from RSF. But I'm thankful the proposal came to wake me up and put things in motion. This all is costing really some money. So I better get published as much as possible! Things change so much if you want to get shown for prestige, or to get some money "back". And the Phovea agency? Our informatic programmer is planning beeing online by the end of august... Can't wait!

And meanwhile I keep on editing. Most of this pictures will just be archive. Hard to find what really fits the purpose.