How patient must one be? 6 months now since back from Afghanistan. Still waiting for my work to exist. Everything would be easier having lots of money and being able not to run after jobs.  Same patience required for seeing phovea online. 2 years? But no doubt this all will see the light of the sun. We had a lot of laughters seeing the security cam pics taken at Actinic printing lab. You can see me walking round in circles like in a cage. Thinking. Testing. Asking to reprint... Worried about the costs. Totally in love with the results. Planned is a publication in LaCité in September. By then the work will exist. Fabio Martini is writing the text wich I really think will be great. Then we will try to get published. Seriously. And just this days I had an interesting Afghanistan related assignment. This country somehow has to do with me in strange ways. But now fully concentrating on the 11 days Locarno Film Festival job as official photographer this year. Will be fun!