RESILIENZA (31.08.07)

Sfogliando qua e là... (copiato/incollato)
Cosa significa Resilienza? Questa parola non é molto conosciuta perció conviene andare a consultare il vocabolario

Se consideriamo questo concetto in rapporto alle Scienze Sociali, possiamo dire che “la resilienza corrisponderebbe alla capacitá umana di affrontare le avversitá della vita, superarle e uscirne rinforzato o, addirittura, trasformato” (Grotberg, 1996).

La resilienza é piú della semplice capacitá di resistere alla distruzione proteggendo il proprio io da circonstanze difficili, é pure la possibilitá di reagire positivamente a scapito delle difficoltá e la voglia di costruire utilizzando la forza interiore propria degli essere umani. Non é solo sopravvivere a tutti i costi, ma é avere la capacitá di usare l´ esperienza nata da situazioni difficili per costruire il futuro.

Sono sempre particolarmente contento quando vado a cercare il significato di quelle parole che nel testo sorvolo perché ho capito l'insieme del messaggio. E poi scopro che in realtà ho capito la metà :)


click (HERE) to see what they did with my 200 pics sent urgently until 5.40 a.m saturday night. (the whole story again HERE)

BEOBACHTER (27.07.08)

My mom sent me this publication. Pictures made during my stay in Ticino. The night passed at Paradiso Notte with Greg and Nana... and the rest: or you did read it before I cancelled it or you can imagine it. I have only one thing to remember: the smell of acid vinegar.

click (HERE) to see some "behind the scene" shots of my minitrip
if you want - I know it's not that interesting
but a good souvenir to me

ULRICHEN (26.08.07)

"Mindsensor", illustration by Kurt Wunderlich

01.28 a.m. I m sitting at the reception of the Landhaus Hotel in Münster. My beautiful black macbook is my only companion. But let s tell things from the beginning... while 210 images (3 MB each) are beeing uploaded to Hamburg...
As I arrived at Zurich airport I got a call from the journalist: his plane was late...two hours and a half too late!!! The clerks of Citiy Disc Airport must hate me: I listened to discs during the whole time and bought nothing at all (by the way Entombed s new album isn t really great). As the plane landed the bags took 30 minutes waiting more. Then we rented a car, took a drive inside zurich s evening traffic jam, then completely get lost on highways so that we missed the last "fair-train" through the Furka Pass and finally the gps (yes we had a gps and we got lost) went crazy because of the straight turns up in the mountains and we serioulsy thought we were totally lost in the darkness of the Swiss Alps. As Ulrichen appeared the village turned out to be nothing else than the first village you cross coming down from the Nüfenen Pass (Ticinesi for shure see)...
As we went for a beer we found the president of the FIFA heavy partying with friends of the club... we where invited and that helped us a lot today. We woke up early... I really don t giveadam about soccer but as I guess seeing the excitement of the journalist seeing guys like Platini, Beckenbauer and Blatter toghether is something special... and by the fact that I dontgivadam they all are all very cool to me... I also met some very cool photographers up here, excellent professionals and nice persons... One even is here for GEO schweiz! But: what a stress, what a hurry... the next friend asking me if photographing is really a profession will come with me just for getting the idea! And in the evening we discovered that the hotel has got NO adsl internet connection for customers!!! But the chief here is really great and I m now sitting at his desk, as I said, at the reception, wich could be very funny if I wasn t that tired and hungry. No need telling what it took to make the connection work... No need telling how long I have to wait here... And no need telling you on what time we got up tomorrow. My plane leaves at 19 pm. It s gonna be stressy til the end... but then I ll make a bit of nothing in berlin again... See you there!!!
By the way I feel by now exactly as standind guard during the army :/


For the first time in my life (career?) I will get payed for taking a plane and go to a foreign country for a three day long reportage. And the contry is: Switzerland! Hahaha! I can't believe it. But it's cool anyway! It's a sport magazine from Hamburg (pretty known even), not really the highest level concerning photography but I'm happy! Three days fallowing an important sportsman (the probably most important guy in soccer now) in the canton of Vallis!!! Car, Hotel, Food payed... and a good pay-off too. And on saturday some other two awesome names from the sport's world will play golf with "my man". A very exclusive story, a lot of pictures on many pages. The big shot! WOW.
Some things must be said also. The bigger Jesus Freaks event in Berlin, on wich I'm working (see some past posts here on my blog), is exactly this weekend. And... Aglaia just landed in Berlin some hours ago and I'll be gone tomorrow or after... But she's cool: doesn't have that "looking up at me with those old puppy dog eyes" by saying it's ok do what you have to do... she smiles and is happy for me. And I think it's great!
AND... the images have to be sent from this village up in the mountains and I DON'T HAVE A LAPTOP. So tomorrow I'll do a thing I should have done before... I invest the whole money I will gain from this trip in a macbook (the black one: gorgeous!). Well for that decision Aglaia laughed a bit less... I'm pretty happy today! GREAT :))) and the sun is shinig as it were summer again im Himmel über Berlin.

TOO LATE, TOO LATE (21.08.07)

"Picibanana" ©Igor Ponti

Try to wake up 7.30 each morning now. 8.30 rings the phone. "Guten morgen! hier ist TNT!" a sweet woman's voice. "Sie haben gestern doch eine Lieferung aufgegeben nach Genf"... "Jaaaaaa..?".
My CD is stuck at the custom. I have to write down a fake invoice of ONE euro and an orange guy will drive his orange delivery pick-up here for getting it. I called the client but it seemed to me that they have bigger problems that my undelivered portraits. It's raining outside and our kitchen is invaded by little flying beasts. I hate them. Good Morning Berlin! Where's my coffee mug?


Woke up early this morning, took the train to lugano, there changed into cisalpino where I met the journalist. We arrived in Milan a couple of hours later, had fight with tourists, took first class tickets, catched another train to verona. For meeting an important man. 3 pages of portrait, three big photo portraits on a main swiss sunday paper! Emotion!!! Then the phone rang, the journalist kept watching at me listening... "We go back home!" he says to me, "HE refuses to do the interview". I bought a sandwich and mineral water at Porta Nuova station, a ticket back home. At five p.m I was sitting in front of my parent's tv. Do I get payed for this? Dindn't even see Verona nor Milan. I think they will pay.

Gringo Home (05.08.07)

While jumping from stone to stone, illustrating the lack of water in Valle Maggia I received a surprising call from a great friend of mine working in Gaza for those guys wich logo has a cross, somehow red, what a pleasure hearing from his war injuries (fallig off his chair, badly hurt in his office, dangerous place!). What a great pleasure!!! I really did appreciate! :)))
By the way he made me some hope, telling they changed someone at the press office (don't know what) and that he would try to make us a common beer possible down there. And I start daydreaming like a kid! Exactly like as a journalist had positive feedbacks on my proposal going to Chechnia, but then told me being a teacher occasionally writing, with no money (me neither of course) and no energy... started talking about armed guards, translaters, drivers... wha all that would cost... I always do daydream even do I know that it s pretty impossible. But let's never get up dreaming of doing something intelligent out of my photography! Like working for humanitarians, travel, help foudrising... whatever. Drying rivers are cool and you get payed (a bit) for shooting them on a sunny day but hmmm... I need some more sometimes.
Then tonight I could have gone back to locarno on saturday night but preferred staying in Chiasso drinking Guinness and watching some gays...oups guys (sooory) having a fight (fight? fat guy's slow motion floor cleaning!!!). Tomorrow day off, hope seeing Aglaia!
ps the title: gringo... green go... green go home (greens are americans for south americans). Gringo is how we call our Pub in Chiasso. See you there!

de PRESS (04.08.07)

It's a nice moment for me... I'm working almost everyday... even for tomorrow an unexpected assignement flew in! Feng Shui? But not for the film festival. I have to illustrate the fact that our river fiume maggia is pretty dry! didn't even know! Anyway today I saw his majesty Anthony (f.f.f.f.f.) Hopkins. Unfortunately we were MILLIONS of photographers in our stroboscopic pogo (flashes and kicks) trying to get a well exposed and correctly framed photo of his face (no use speaking of portrait in this kind of case). It's real PRESS work. Acting like butchers wasn't Anthony's work today! But anyway interesting of course!
It's nice to see my ex-collegues from Ti-Press, hanging round with Igor and even the others... The weather is perfect. I just am not seeing my girlfriend this days, working at bar Paravento in Locarno... she works during the night, begins when I'm driving home with the rented Smart (ticino and no car? forget it!)... We will survive :) saluti