It is really just thanks to Aglaia that our common exhibition about the experience in the palestinian West Bank now will travel to the Netherlands! And we are really happy about it, specially because the curators are really great people and the space is beautiful.  For a moment I thought maybe Holland really comes from Holy Land... but no! It's the "holt" land (wood land).

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A selection of Reto's portraits of palestinian ex fighters of the Al Aqsa Martyr Brigades in Jenin, is to be seen during " photo10 - Die Werkschau der Schweizer Fotografie" held in Zurich (CH) from the 7th until the 11th of january 2010.

A special multimedia exhibition for Médecins Sans Frontières "Starved for Attention" by the VII photo agency and a "masterclass and talk" with James Nachtwey, on saturday the 8th, are expected, among other events of the photoforum related to photo10. 

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Reto is happy to announce that his series of portraits of palestinian ex fighters of the Al Aqsa Martyr Brigades in Jenin, is to be seen, among the remarkable works of collegues, at the seventh  international biennale of photography held in Chiasso (CH). The opening ceremony at "Spazio Officina" will be on saturday the 27th at 6.30 pm.

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WORKSHOP (13.11.2010)

After my volunteering experience I found teaching is not only fun but truly interesting. I may be only a young photographer but I discovered having allready things to give and exchange with people willing to learn. So this is my very first professional workshop, about portrait. I was invited by the photo club Lugano (CH) and I am shure we are going to have a lot of fun sharing our passion.
It's funny since I also started giving some classes (not as volunteer, wich is an extraordinary evolution) to differently abled kids. I never thought teaching or working with classes could be so great. Me and teaching? I would haved laughed some years ago :)

TERRA SANTA (08.09.10)

Toghether with Aglaia, we are since long working on the exhibtion to be: "Holy Land" (original italian "Terra Santa").  As you can imagine the recent, second, longer stay in the Palestinian Occupied Territories heavily still influences our production and every day life. My pictures will be veeery classic - but in contrapposition with, some other, veeery conceptual photography.  Exploring new ways of telling the same old story! 
And of course Aglaia's feminine techniques will melt with the manly way (as she, ironically, defines) of perceiving the world through lense and technologies. It will happen in the swiss-italian canton Ticino... The flyer up here is again roughly designed by me. I'm happy with it... Now: to your agendas! See you there!

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AMNESTY (02.08.10)

Reto in collaboration with "Amnesty International" will be at La Rotonda del Festival, Locarno. Projections of his latest reportage in the Palestinian West Bank will be shown on the 11th and 14th of august at 9 pm.

Italian article (here) and (here)

CANADA (04.07.10)

Reto's pictures "Swiss Army" are part of the "International Arts Festival" in Montréal, Canada. From the 1st of July 2010, for one month. At the Écomusée du fier monde.

The official website of the event (here)
German article (here)
The shown pictures (here)
About it in the local press (here)

EWZ SELECTION (15.02.10)

Reto is very happy to announce that the photo series "Berlin: the Death Strip Now" has been selected for this years Swiss Photo Award - ewz Selection.
You all are warmly welcome to the opening of the exhibition in Zürich 07.05.10.

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Tagesschau vom 07.05.2010

Read on André Marty's blog about the experience in Jenin (here)

"Dort versucht der Schweizer Fotograf Reto Albertalli, einer Gruppe junger Frauen nicht bloss das Bilder schiessen, sondern das sich ausdrücken näher zu bringen. Albertalli ist ein Crack, ein Profi im Umgang mit heiklen Situationen. Aber er ist eben auch ein Ausländer – und das macht es so herausfordernd. Für Schweizer und Palästinenser"

André Marty
ist ein Schweizer Journalist, der seit 2004 als Korrespondent für Israel, die palästinensischen Gebiete, Libanon, Jordanien und Ägypten für das Schweizer Fernsehen arbeitet.