Pretty busy in Geneva, forth and back to Ticino where actually some palestinian photos are exposed. Being there was a chance working with guitar hero Luca Princiotta ( in his studio for arranging sounds I recorded in Kabul. A Ruba player was according the instrument and I imagined this as a soundtrack for a slideshow with my afghan photo project. The concept was ok but the sound eventually was very disturbing after only a little while. Luca has been able after long trying and researching to find a great solution for a strong effect with very little but skilful interventions.
So for my few but, as I can see,  loyal blog followers (!) a secret preview is here to be seen. Please do not share it on facebook nor in other ways. Is part of the content we want to be discovered on the Phovea Agency site when online (hopefully) soon. Comments very welcome! Changes can still be made. It's good to listen to it with headphones! Now I'm preparing for a short trip to Bosnia, on assignment with the DSC Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. So soon new multimedia slideshows to be seen! Thank you for keeping on visiting although I am not really into blogging when "home"!