THE END OF THE LINE (19.10.08)

photo © igor ponti (perpignan 08)

Never before I spent so much days one after the other working constantly that much: postproducing all the things I've done since july! I spend all my time in front of a computer (it's scary)... I just hope that at the end of this all, some money will be there to invest in a personal project, in a trip to somewhere: in a reportage.
I see the number of visits on this blog getting higher and higher but the reactions to my new site are coming from just a few friends (I appreciate so much). I did cancel all informations about my identity from the blogspot profile but still by searching my name on google you'll find this place. And that's not good at all. So I want to start a new retangolo from zero (probably because I like the idea of a reto's perspective, angle, corner and cubby) But for what? I guess just in case of travelling again, I really loved to write about the trip to the west bank and the feedbacks where cool. Or maybe I should just switch the blogging thing definitely down. I won't even ask what some of you think about: it's no use, I guess.
News about my activity, about my location, are to be found on my home page and the one picture you were seeing sometimes realated to each post is there too... Just it's not that fun anymore. And I can't see how many visits I have and if somebody "gives a ph..oto". But thanks to those passing by occasionally! We'll keep in touch anyway! I just don't want this part of my thoughts to be found on google anymore...

IT S REALLY SCARY! i created a retangolo gm"ecs" dot net mail adress. my real name mentioned Anywhere. wanted to create a retangolo2 bloxpot blogg and the names they suggested, even the name appearing then as author!, where related to my real name (not mentioned anywhere) or "menefoto"... whatever we do on the wweb from a specific computer's ID leaves traces wich are kept. That's why by searching my name on the google you'll constantly find the stupid stuff too. I guess retangolo has to be shut down. But I'm not very happy with that idea... suggestions bout how to clean the web behind us? going to internet cafes?