At the Galerie Focale in Nyon prints from my palestinian project where exhibited during the last three months. An experience I shared thanks to photographer Xavier Voirol, then with photographer Fran├žois Shaer and awesome bw printer Aurelien Garzarolli at ACTINIC (Geneva). Revisiting the entire production for a (not even that)new editing, and the night hours inside the empty gallery (with wine and cheese) for discussing the hanging sequences, were great and precious moments, I was longing for since long.  Discovering your own work with new eyes is incredible and when you go woow unpacking the prints it's just magic. Digital files become images... become real. 
Then all those people being so into the stuff you are telling, about the reality in the camp. Having the chance to tell what you have experienced and what happened after you left. Really impressive. The feedbacks in the press, beeing interviewed and so on... Hoping a message gets along. Then selling prints. Seeing your work published. Seeing that it makes sense almost also in an economic way.  It's really great and I am very thankful to the people who gave me this chance... Now what's next?