LOCARNO (08.2009)

"The reto" is around at the film festival. and has a couple of assignments on his agenda yet! wich is for shure reassuring.
it's summer time. spending all tis great weather in the dark photoshopping the wedding reportages. hour after hour... still with passion, still with quality. still in love with photography. and still running after bigger visions... hope seeing some of you around for a beer. cheers!

Previously on 24 (15.01.09)

in the pic: snowboard crash, or... discovering what magazines really are made for

The following takes place between...

17.59.58 I'm sitting in a bar in a typical swiss village sending out a series of 8 pictures of the ski camp with disabled people I'm doing up here as instructor... to the world press contest. It's always an exciting experience having a deadline to respect in strange situations. Wireless is working so so. That's why I can write two lines on the blog while sipping my beer... Cheers!

18.29.59 It didn t work and I didn t want to spend any more money so I m sitting in a Toyota Jeep (our cook led me), only the macbook enlightening the darkest night ,next to a hotel where I found a free whireless spot by driving around. If it was an American serial TV action drama , broadcasted by Fox, it would look rock and roll: reality is just complicated and cold hehe! Now I have to go back to the warm chalet ,to my disabled friends, for dinner.

22.38.00 Jack Bauer back in thw freezing car parked outside a hotel. Chloe O'Brian (Julien Gregorio) just called from a bar in Geneva, a bit sad but fun. World Press still not working. Cold. Captions going crazy. I m going to cry :.(

24.00.00 It finally worked after editing correctly the dates in the captions My legs are freezing and the computer's battery empty. You can see the 8 pictures on my official site...

a video to this link (HERE)