RADIO/VIDEO (04.10.08)

SSM GAZETTE out this days. Cover and a black and white photo reportage, without journalistic text, on 6 pages. A PAYED assignment done at the IFA messe in Berlin.


Even travelling by train from one swiss languistic region to the other I do wedding postproduction on my macbook. I'm overwhelmed with stuff to do. My eyes hurt bacause of the screen. But it's a nice period and a lot of things happen without really wanting it... and again I've seen the friends I really care about and wich whom everything has the taste of a great adventure.
I also have taken, during this days, the decision to quit the collective Strates, for reasons I don't need to mention here. I hope now that I'll concentrate definitely more on shooting my projects in Berlin and eventually rebuild the relations with Milan, closing a bit more the door to an eventual confortable swiss life. I have learned a lot of things recently and I would like to take the entire responsability for everything happening to me, without wishing and hoping for agencies to find clients or for someone selling my pics... I will get back to the simple pleasure of telling stories with my camera, connecting sincerely with the subjects, and simply let the energy flow freely... without great expectations, just for the true pleasure.
photos ©
Ho-ney! what do you do for "photo-graphy" :)