"Man hat so lange ein Motivationsproblem, 
bis man ein Zeitproblem hat."


©ralbertalli - Chiasso: trucks parking lot on the border to Italy

It get's harder finding rock song titles to my posts. No surfer punk is driving no truck, Renaud would have the perfect title ("P..ain de camion"): I was again fulminated ("Thunderstruck" ?) by a call from the truck driver accepting taking me with, for crossing Europe and do a reportage on him for my personal photo project. He was hijacked in Italy and has now to spend hes weekend on a parking lot in France because he's late. Last week he had mechanical problems, and so on... I have to wait. So I somehow spend my time waiting for something to shake my life positively. I need good news! I need to find a passionating story to tell, a photoproject to live and love... I think that you know when you are on the right track when all doors open easily and you have the feeling of "getting with the flow". I'm waiting for answers from so many different kinds of projects now... something must happen and it will be the right thing. I juste hope it will be soon. :)