Well well, after one year and a half in Berlin I was asked today to do some pictures HERE. 
A very nice assignment from an important swiss-german sunday paper, a real reportage (!) about some "cool" places in Berlin. I will not tell you more unless it's done! Feels great! :)


  1. FIGO!!!! :D

  2. Ciao Reto!

    poi dimmi che rivista é che la compro a mia mamma che mi chiede sempre se hai pubblicato delle nuove foto:)

    Ci vediamo
    Rock and roll

    VIVA RETO (Rage Egainst The Objectif)

  4. "I tell you folks it's harder than it looks, it's a long way..."

    thanx a lot! I'm pretty struggling for this pics.
    After a whole day walking round I spent last night in the "turkish" kreuzberg trying to get what I wanted in a frame. Unless someone stole my beer and my gloves standing beside me (ANGER). Woke up early this morning and went to this same place again.
    It's not easy when they get you the exact description, point by point, of what has to be seen on your frame... especially if reality is not conform to imagination. Hahaha!
    But I'm happy as soon as I'm told to do a "real" job!!!

  5. Veeeeery nice! They sound very very happy at the phone, in Zurich.
    I walked around some 3 or 4 days, sent some 30 pictures...
    They'll publish 5 and I get payed for 1 day and a half. But I knew in from the beginning. I decided to "walk the extra mile" because it really was a pleasure. I'm so motivated when I'm on assignment: it's scary.
    For shure my pics will not fit on a wall for an exhibition but I think I did a good job. It was so hard making something out of the given places. It was a lot about waiting in the same spot for hours and hours. Running after people. Beeing ready to catch the only sunshine of the gray day... shining through between two buildings for just some seconds. IT WAS FUN!!! :)
    And since the NZZ am Sonntag photo editor is happy... I'm happy too!

  6. YES!Me réjouis de voir ces tu les mets sur le blog. Des nouvelles de Gaza?
    Encore bravo mec!

  7. Gaza... j'ai loupé l'appel de Pablo aujourdhui. J espere l avoir bientot au telehphone. a juger des news ca commence a chauffer grave avec les incursions aeriennes. Dangereux.
    Mais avec Aglaia on pense aller dans le nord d'Israel chez des amis a elle . Disons des vacances, et de la voir quelle air tire plus a sud. Mais ca sera apres notre meeting a nous!
    Et pour mes images de la nzz, ca reste des iamges de presse... :)
    mais je mettrai la repro de la publication...
    MERCI pour ton enthousiasme

  8. yipeeeeeee...........

    looking forward to see the images....i

  9. Massimiliano ClausiMarch 14, 2008 at 2:51 PM

    Belle le foto Reto, complimenti! Mi piace un sacco quella del punk, davvero. Spero che arrivino anche i soldini, che non di sola arte vive l'uomo.

    PS: grazie per i consigli!

    Un abbraccio