TERRA SANTA (08.09.10)

Toghether with Aglaia, we are since long working on the exhibtion to be: "Holy Land" (original italian "Terra Santa").  As you can imagine the recent, second, longer stay in the Palestinian Occupied Territories heavily still influences our production and every day life. My pictures will be veeery classic - but in contrapposition with, some other, veeery conceptual photography.  Exploring new ways of telling the same old story! 
And of course Aglaia's feminine techniques will melt with the manly way (as she, ironically, defines) of perceiving the world through lense and technologies. It will happen in the swiss-italian canton Ticino... The flyer up here is again roughly designed by me. I'm happy with it... Now: to your agendas! See you there!

about Aglaia (here)
about a past common project (here)
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  1. 今最高にアツい出合いサイトをご存知ですか?恋愛に繋がる出会いは必ずある!ほんとに出合いの無い人だけアクセスして下さい!業者が蔓延しているSNS系サイトよりも出合いサイトが今アツい!

  2. アナタは大金持ちになれるか!?あなたの行動から心理、果ては金運まであらゆる金儲けのための資質を調べます!意外と金儲けは簡単に出来る!?あなたの知らないテクニックを紹介!