At the Landesmuseum Zürich this years, by a jury awarded, swiss photojournalists work, to be seen in the exhibition "Swiss Press Photo 11". From the 6th of may until the 17th of july 2011. Opening ceremony 05.05 at 6pm.
Reto is proud his photo "Israeli soldier surrounded by palestinian women photographers" has been awarded the second prize n the category "World"!
Bravo to my friends: Christin Lutz for his big first place! To Jacek Pulawski for a 2nd a 3d place in the categories "arts" and "portait". To Patrick Gilliéron Lopreno for beeing selected for the cataolgue. As well as to my ex collegues at Tipress: Samuel Golay (1st prize news!) and Gabriele Putzu (sport).

Landesmuseum (HERE)

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