INSIDE (31.01.12)

Playing around with your camera, you sometimes get a nice shot. Even if it's a completely useless one. Illustrating nothing at all. Or maybe in this case a bit my actual feelings. The writing apparently says "acrobatics". Indicating an activity they do here at the MMCC centre with children. I am inside. I am with the kids not caring that much (bubble!) and I can imagine there is a world outside, but I'm not seeing it. Yet. I know this feeling from previews experiences. I am nervous. I don't know if I'll find a subject. Don't know if I will be able to shoot like I wish. To get an access. To have a different understanding of things. And I'm still waiting to start teaching photography for real. Wich should happen in days. But at the moment I am here. Waiting. Knowing there is something on the outside.

both pictures Kabul 2012 © Reto Albertalli / phovea

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