COME OUT AND PLAY (23.10.07)

in the photo: JeusFriends rok-praying around covered billiard table ©ralbertalli

I spend most of my hours photoshopping a wedding, I want it to be done by after tomorrow... because then I will leave to Geneva.
There I will stay at Julien's place. Finally I'll get the chance to see the exhibition of his wonderful work on ambulances (Julien Gregorio " CARDIO! " site Cluse-Roseraie, rue-du-Crest 24, 1205 Genève). So as Christian Lutz's " Protokoll " (infos HERE).
On saturday we'll have a huge one-day-reunion at Strates agency in Lausanne and I guess a party in the evening. On sunday I'll see my buddies Thierry and Jenny after almost one year! Elia? Will be great... Then... I decided to dedicate one complete week in Ticino for starting a project wich is on my mind since years now. I'm really trying to work on my mental those days. I have to change some habits wich are really blocking me... I am a positive person, I believe in myself... but I suffer of a total lack of autodiscipline! I have to find a way to get things done NOW. I always think I have to wait for a cosmic inspiration... I find excuses and get myself occupied with bootless stuff (on the computer most of time)...
So I try to work a bit on that... the ten days of masterclass somehow inspired me. If somebody sends me out I will do whatever necessary to bring good work home. But that doesn't happen in life normally. Not in my job. If somebody asks you to do something it will mostly be somethng you dislike. You guys will probably laugh but I came to the point of downloading an umbelievable amount of crappy self-aid audiobooks with exhilarant titles as "ways to succes" "believe and achive" or "I can sell snow to eskimos" (GOSH!!!)... It's really terrible and it gets you an insight view of how the well dressed SUV driving superior race thinks and acts! It's about the american way and big egos. But I let them play while photoshopping. I guess I need advices, really, and I stand alone... in the worst case it will have been exercice for my english. I sometimes tell my girfriend about and we laugh loudly, but now and then a good trick seems to appeal to my brain and I write down a note. I don't know but today I finally brought the bottle of whine from Piemonte to the editor of this huge international magazine wich helped me soooo much with my portfolio editing, I walked along the traces of the wall for thoughts, I shot some pics, I bought myself folders and paper stuff, a new agenda and finally went to the fitness club for infos about prices. Now I take time writing on the blog because I really believe it's important... I think that it's important writig about doubts and not only success. I take the time doing it and then: BASTA... I will NOT come back on it fifty times for checking the visits... until maybe next week. That's the way it has to be. I don't want my life to be changed (no need of becoming idiot) . I just want to be more efficient. That's it. I don't think audiobooks will help any of us doing betther... But to modern life problems (sitting whole day long in front of a screen) I think I must admit to need modern life solutions such as f**king fitness clubs or internet coaches... It's a bit sad probably. So I now really want to spend more time on the outside. Walking and shooting. Bring my fat ass on the outside and just have fun with my camera.

If somebody is interestes in the audiobook thing I should probably recommend Russell Simmon's "Do You!" (google it), he's a kind of guru in the hip hop industry, he struggled up from nothing to the top, and it's not just the banking manager's positive thinking while driving in his mercedes... Not all he says makes sense to me... but some advices stimulate creativity in my brain. So...

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  1. Hereby I'll copy a mail (in french)I just received and wich moved me sincerely... thanx a lot! :) je t'embrasse!

    >Ciao bello,
    très touché par ton texte sur le blog, je pense que tes bouquins pourraient me faire du bien à moi aussi. Alors non Jeff t'es pas tout seul! Me rejouis de te voir, je pense qu'on a peut-être des projets à faire et qu'on les réalisera même un jour peut être qui sait...

    Au fait je vois déjà deux très bonnes photos sur les jeesus frix (name changed)! Du tout bon Reto, ca me rappele la boxe. Et rappels toi ce que disait Minnkinnen, 2 photos c'est le début d'un livre...

  2. Dear Reto, thanks again for sharing your doubts and worries, but also your hope and will for a better tomorrow. I can tell it's not easy to get your ass out in the street. Today is raining in Genoa and I'm sitting here, reading, writing, maybe dreaming of future journeis. I really need one of your audio books! ;))))

  3. le père de supermanOctober 24, 2007 at 11:48 AM

    Au fait, au sujet de ton boulot sur les Jeesus frix... en voyant ces 2 images, je pense que la force de se travail se trouve justement dans une certaine banalité. Le fond du travail à mon avis pourrait presque plus parler de l'adolescence, du manque de repère et de la recherche de nouvelles normes. Je viens de lire un article sur Gus Van Sant (Elephant) et la photo autour de cette table me fais penser à ses films, il y a une espèce d'apesenteur, on sent que ces jeunes sont paumés comme tous les ados et qu'une façon de trouver un sens à leur vie c'est de prier. La photo serait intéréssante même sans le contexte des jfrix mais ca rajoute un énorme sens. Il y a une intimité immense dans cette photo, j'adore... je pense que tu tient vraiiiiiment quelque chose. Peut-être que tu devrais aussi faire des portraits ou l'on ressent juste leur fragilité. A bient'

  4. Guys I will produce for you the ultimate positive-thinking-move-your-ass audiobook in the end hahaha!!! No: joke. I'm happy to see that nobody laughed (until now)... Thanks for your nice feedbacks and let's go on fighting in our "gentle-warrior" ways... thank god we're not all self motivated egocentric american-made sharks!!! Where is life in all that??? And what is success in the end?

  5. IO sabato ci sono il mio numero é
    dammi il tuo!


    ti ho cancellato il numero perchè malgrado tutto non trovo intelligente lasciare tracce per motori di ricerca e altro (non penso che qualcuno vedendo il tuo numero qui si mete a farti gli scherzetti, però..). Per questo modifico anche i nomi veri, per scappare ai motori di ricerca... E poi hai visto anche tu quei commenti fasulli a scopo pseudo pubblicitatio (che ormai cancello subito). BLA BLA BLA
    tutto questo per dire che:
    (estratto dal mail originale)
    Pour le répéter, l'affaire commence ce samedi à midi pour se terminer jusqu'où vos forces vous mèneront (programme ci-après aussi)

    Bienvenu(e)s soient vos invités pour la fête du soir dès 19h-20h.

    Io penso che il miglior modo per vederci, se hai voglia, è di venire da strates... l'ambiente è estremamente amicale, ESATTAMNENTE come andare al bar (la sera)... mi farebbe oiacere e non ti inviterei se non fossi sicuro che non ti sentiresti a disgaio...

    in ogni caso il mio numero è sempre lui, lo trovi anche come .jpg nella colonna destra del blog...

    BELLO SE CI VEDIAMO e vale per tutti

    adesso faccio un appello anlofono :)

  7. For any friend around lausanne on saturday night 27.10 :
    after the strates agency meeting there will be a party and friends are invited from 7 - 8 pm.

    rue de la borde 12 (from place du tunnel walking up to the highways, on the right side, by the parkings, in front of migros)

    since I will not have time for seeing all of you guys in romandie please show up there even just for a hug and a beer.

    (I think of David if he's back from Georgia, I know that Matt ore Phil will never come to the agency... is there any ticinese left? see you!)

  8. ciao reto, magari faccio un salto.

  9. ehi!

    questo dovrebe interessarti:

  10. o senno qui é più corto

  11. bella reto dai che una sera di queste prima del tuo rientro a berlino ci si vede cosi ci raccontiamo un po' le cosette...


  12. caspita ti sei proprio disintossicato dal blog!! gli audiolibri funzionano allora. un saluto