NOVEMBER RAIN (11.11.07)

©ralbertalli - Stones on the floor in Berlin where the wall stud, as memorial.

November rain in Berlin? Grey snow! It's 9.30 in the morning and it feels like 5 pm. Gosh.
I'm not having a look at my blog since a while now... By the fact that I receive alerts in my mailbox each time you leave a comment and because of the nuber 3000, wich represents the visits (NOT the page views... the VISITS! wow) reached today (let's party!), I was reminded that sometimes somebody takes a look at retangolo! I was really surprised as I realised that two friends of mine ;) passing by at the agency's party in Lausanne is somehow due to the blog also... Hmm I almost couldn't tell news about myself on my "short trip" through sweetserland 'cause everyone had an idea of my projects and worries, as everyone drops by here every now and then.
So now... This blogging thing isn't really useful to my photo projects... dangerous, as I was told, because I speak to much about my clients (?) and probably to self centered... And: it will not replace human discussions in front of a beer. The stupid thing to me is that you now find retangolo by googleing my name, and pretty on the top. Wich isn't giving a very professional image of me as a photographer. Maybe. And of course my english is pretty bad but the only way to keep in touch with everyone (italian, french, german or english speaking).
I'm now willing and motivated to DO. I want my attitude to be active and positive. I'm doing things I was thinking about since a long... I'm not exactly happy or proud but that's probably the best way to feel. It has to be strictly normal... one step behind the other... bam, bam, bam, ... The wall project, the jesus project, the trucks project... my own health project :)... inventing projects... No more sprints! Just one way of beeing. Constantly and efficiently but normally active. I think the gratest metamorphosis I went through is taking the complete responsability for where I stand and what I am. So not only no more anger due to others but also no expectations anymore. No agency will find a job or money for me. And if they don't sell my stories it' because I don't give them good stories. E basta. I'm no more expecting to find motivation in a group of friends or collegues (see Meta or else). Motivation has to be there, inside. Audiobooks can help a bit or a good metal-core or trash-metal sound blasting your ears if you have a same activation level as mine :))) So dearest friends... in the end that's the way it is. This blog is about me because that's what a blog is about, I'm sorry if too selfcentered. Probably I should get myself a web page for my pics and that's it. No more blshit but just facts an results! Yeah no doubts!!! Yeah big scary tattoos on a worked out body!!! Color pics of smiling silicone dolls!!! Who wants doubts??? (food enough for comments?) ;)

photo-diary of my tour-de-suisse (HERE)


  1. Well ok as usual I do my own first comment!
    I would like to thank all of you guys I have seen again back there in homeland Schweiz. Juju&co, Matt, Phil, Lutzifer, Susan & Strates, Elia, Frangia, David, Jenny&Thierry, Laura&Daniel, Kueh, YK, Igor, Giovanni, Moi and Mom. In a kind of chronological order... Talking to you is gold to me!!! Hope seeing you all very soon. :)

  2. l'é stai un piasé!

  3. uei musicante mi sto ascoltando moltissimo gli Stone Sour... non mi convincono troppo troppo (super voce). Ma ho scoperto che ora riesco ad ascoltare e godere degli slipknot perché il cantante ha una faccia (nel mio cervello) e ho sostituito tutto l'immaginario di mascherine e tutine con ragazzi normali... bravo bravo questo gruppo che porta il nome inglese di CAPPIO (???) :)

  4. Maybe I played with your camera, maybe not. I can't remember (I'm so ooold!).
    Nice pictures! Nice like your visit in Switzerland Youhou, let's Rock in Roll!!
    See you soon amigo mio

  5. Rock and roll!

    Adesso faccio un commento selfcentred: sono a -3 dalla libertà

    ciao Reto a presto

  6. grande elia!!! poi vieni a berlino come promesso? ti conviene aspettare che il posto si scaldi quell'attimo!

    buona fortuna!

    And for the old man: stop complaining and get yourself a camera!!! ;)


  7. stone sour non conosco. slipknot é musica per adolescenti (eheh). io invece sto ascoltando i gravenhurst che sembrano il nome di un liquore, e i shearwater, due gruppi sconosciuti ma perfetti per l'autunno - inverno.

  8. Hey Reto,
    it's great you found your motivation again. Just don't bother about having a "professional" website. I mean, of course you have to be careful not to bitch around about clients and agencies, but what's wrong with expressing your doubts and feelings? We're all humans, we're all scared by this big big tough photography world (but it's not that big in the end :-)) ! Just let it flow, keep dreaming, keep shooting. Above all, keep writing, it's always a pleasure to read you.


  9. le père de supermanNovember 13, 2007 at 2:20 PM

    Its a pleajure tou rid you toue, even so i d'ont ounderstand everything ;-) It makes me feeling like drinking a beer with my old friend in a vevey's bar talking about photographers life. Difference is that I don't drink and it's better like that. you know how it's ending...


    p.s: don't forget to make some pictures about "paraître". The apritivo will be much more fun next time with David. Me, I did't find a subject but I will...

  10. Ciao bello, tutto ok? Peccato che non ci siamo visti durante la tua visita in Ticino, sarà per la prossima volta... Io nel frattempo sono finito a langenthal per tre settimane di militare fa un freddo della madonna e sono tutti, e dico TUTTI, svizzerotedeschi...azz! Comunque non mollare il blog secondo me è una figata!! Quando ancora in TI? Fammi sapere anche perche ti devo ancora i soldini....
    Gab (Gabriele Putz)

  11. Ciao bello!
    Super positivi e via! Dag a dos e speriamo a presto, o Berlino o Ticino!

  12. finita na settimana di protezione civile... e via col solito trantran

    qui te l'abbiamo detto tutti: scrivi quello che vuoi che noi ti leggiamo. E se fai un sito diccelo che lo guardiamo.

    a presto

    ps: non mi lascia vedere le foto del tour de suisse!

    ciao bell
    dag giò!!!

  13. ciao reto, ho ammirato letteralmente le foto dei matrimoni. Fantastiche! ciao simone

  14. No Elia, Rock IN ROLLE!