©retoalbertalli Berlin: Mauerpark, selling photos from the DDR era.

My dearest visitors. I'm sorry not giving you any news. As every year this period is without assignments. I have some goals set in my mind. There are answers I'm waiting for. I have dreams. I have visions. I even have some answers but I will nomore tell about until things are beeing done. It seems that beeing too positive on the outside brings bad luck. So...
But wish me all the best, pray for me or do whatever you think could make a difference.
I'm really thinking of shutting the blog down but the number of visits is still surprising, and I don't have a website. I hope that retangolo will become much more interesting very soon... that would mean that I am on an interesting reportage somewhere out there... Pray for me.
(I'm really doing very well... I'm full of positive power and trust! By "praying" I mean "wish me all the best" and it's related to my jesusrockers project... Have Fun too my friends!!!)


  1. geniale il cartone qui sopra... raining blood!!! yeeeeahhhhhhh....

  2. Comme dit mon copain Musclor: "Par le pouvoir du crâne ancestrale, que la force toute puissante soit avec toi!!" (see
    Go go go Reto!

  3. My dearest Man in Berlin,

    I will pray for you the God of inspiration,
    I do hope you'll find a way to bring us some news even though you may decide to shut your blog down,
    Trust me I am wishing you all the best,
    and praying Heavenly Rock Spirits to give you some more rock attitude (which your soul is already largely filled of)


    yours faithfully and sincerely

  4. heheheheh
    you are great guys!!!
    I'm not able to shut this blog down... after this post I riceived a preoccupied phone call :) and some great comments and mails!!!
    You are great!!! I wish you success in whatever you want to. And remeber: visualize the goal, plan actions and go for it! (i have still some problems with the last step hahahah)
    a bientot

  5. achtung!
    informazione importantissima: i versi vari si sono rimessi insieme!

    sciao bel

  6. wow con delle info cosi mi sento jack bauer in 24
    "yes mister president" tic tic tic "the fallowing takes place between 1 am and 2 am... " terror attacks on american soil... ratatatatatata... :))))))) troppo grandi gli americani! un giorno li visiteremo in parchi tipo zoo.

  7. Zut, je suis déçu de Tankian..