Geneva: Turkish Fans ©ralbertalli

So many things to say. I'm so impressed about a lot of things, again. I really do appreciate a lot your comments on the last post. It has given me motivation. Thank you! I'm impressed about people I met expecting new posts on this blog, some comments telling not to shut the blog down. I shall keep on writing down my own business.
I'm in Geneva since a week now. The weather has been grey until today. The Euro08 soccer thing is just a big nothing. I spent the last days in my buddy Julien's appartment, toghether with his girlfriend and their one year old son. And I am sooo impressed about this school times's friend having given life to a new guy walking on earth. It looks hard. it looks wonderful. Until now I had one assignment and the person helping me most, accomplishing the task, was Julien. Not happy he is sahring some work with me. A thing today. Another tomorrow. And what could I be else than Impressed.
Thierry came back from Mexico City, from his dream assignment. Something is alive down here in clean switzerland! But I still wonder if I will come "back" to Switzerland... It's SO expensive!!!  The appartments, the food.... life. But there is work. And when I have a bit of work I smile. I walk through life full of energy. I feel strong enough to go back to berlin and kick asses. But I somehow suspect that I will fall again. It's about seasons, also. It's about the weather. Friends.  It's about friendship. Is it about photography?

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  1. En fait, dans l'Euro 2008, moi chuis pour Reto, j'espère qu'il va gagner, quelle que soit la ville où il joue (Berlin, Genève, what else...), quelle que soit son adversaire (ManquedeTravail, ManquedeMotivation,...;)
    Forza Ticino!