EMERGENCY (21.06.08)

Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 21.06.08, p.57

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This morning, in shorts and sunglasses, I went to the Kiosk buying the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. It has been the first (press) job I had through Strates agency (thanks to Julien), the first job for the NZZ and a real reportage assignment (wich becomes rare), even if the event to report last only a couple of hours. I am happy with the pictures, the agency was happy and the picture editor too... I could not wait to be sitting somewhere having a cappuccino: I searched for the page walking into people. Looking at it I had thoughts about the colors, the editing, as usual... but then remembered to be happy.  Some 160.000 copies are sold per day, and they estimate having 308.000 readers... It's saturday. A sunny day. People will take a short look at the paper on a terrasse, sipping their coffees, and throw it in the garbage (eco recycling separated save the earth compost amazonian tree help garbage, of course). And still I'm happier that way thanhaving an exhibition, and I am more motivated running for an assignment than for a personal project. Now I sit. Waiting to see what will happen next. 


  1. RETO, troppo bello il reportage... enorme!!!
    Figo figo :-)


  2. ti vedo benissimo correre in mezzo alla gente x poter frame the world. Chissa xchè nella serie mostrata, quelle nel movimento sono piu belle? sarà la notte... pippistrello colpisce ancora!
    forse va benissimo che non vuoi poi hang it on the wall!
    a presto ali

  3. Massimiliano ClausiJune 24, 2008 at 3:31 PM

    Bello davvero Reto, gran lavoro. Riuscire a tirare fuori il meglio in un paio d'ore è la chiave per diventare dei veri professionisti. Complimenti e non fermarti!

  4. Reto sei un grande, decisamente!!!!

    una mia collega sul lavoro riceve tutti i giorni l'NZZ, domattina le chiedo quello di sabato per vedere le tue foto "Live"

    Keep it real dude, you're a legend!!!!

    a presto bello!
    tieni duro