PARDOn (080808)

From the 6th until the 16th of August I will be in Locarno at the International Film Festival.
Since Aglaia is here too and working at the "Teatro Pararvento" and since the artist wich is officially exhibiting has left a free wall in the VIP zone... I took the chance and exhumed 5 prints of my "army" series, wich most of you know. Now they are to be seen by a new public...
This year I again have the chance to work for some nice clients: for the press but also for a prestigious company I worked for allready last year... and this time I will not act stupid and I will keep the details of my photographic adventures top-secret! No more counterproductive blogging! But hope having soon a web page to show you...
And: the peacechairs - the still unsold ones - are to be seen also at the Teatro Paravento during the Festival, and can be bought. The money would help children in Chechenia.
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  1. Non so se lo hai già fatto o no, ma dovresti fare i tuoi biglietti da visita come la carta d'invito per la mostra a Locarno. Col gatto.