EMPTY WALLS (22.08.08)

©julien gregorio / strates (HUG)

My site isn't ready yet. My agenda looks wired. I have a lot of postproduction to be done still... too much. 
I discovered having an exhibition in Geneva, at the hospital (see picture). An assignment I got thanks to Julien, back in June, became apparently a show wich makes the kids (sick and probably bored) happy... My name isn't there, nobody cares. And somehow that reminds me what it all should be about, doing photography. I like it. I like the idea.
Wich makes me think about the exhibition my Palestinian pics will have at the end of october in Morbio (POSTPONED TO FEBRUARY), at a vine producer's cave... I really hope that this show will happen and I'm very excited, and I hope it will be more about the subject than the author of the pictures. Let's see...
Now I really have to focus on photoshopping and mailwriting. I have some more weddings to shoot and I'm very happy having taken the decision to go to the "Visa pour l'image" festival in Perpignan in september. I will try to focus more on the pictures wich are shown that on portfolios and agencies... I'm happy beeing more relaxed about all of this. It has probably something to do with the fact that I have some assignments (some are interesting, some really not) and that keeps my brain occupied. It has to do with summertime. But also with a general attitude wich I try to work on. ;)
Will I see some of you in Perpignan for a couple of beers? Would be nice!


  1. Mais ton nom y est sur l'expo!!! Pas de souci.

  2. HEHEHE un commentaire au moins... aussi.
    Chaque fois qu j ecris un truc sur ce blog c est le contraire qui se produit
    MOn expo palestine est positicipé a FEVRIER!!!!
    pas grave.