ICE COLD (10.02.12)

Brainstorming on subjects to treat with the kids is fun. We gave them the theme "water". Everyone came up with waterfalls and lakes, wich must be the photographs people here love hanging on their livingroom's wall. Only after came drinking, washing etc... When I asked what happens to water when it's really really cold they said the water gets cold. They knew that by boiling it becomes steam. But the snow all over Kabul? A gift of God.

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  1. Hi Reto! I'm Silvia. I'm happy you're happy.:) We don't know each other but I following your blog and projects about 4-5 years. I like what you're doing and how you try to show the other (hidden) side of our "nice" world. But most of all (as I can see) you REALLY like your job and I hope you really can do what you wanna do.:) That's a gift for you and for us as well. Through your pics we can see things that we can never reach. Have a nice experience-rich day!!:)
    Oh, and keep on dancing and smiling!!:-))Silvia from Debrecen,Hungary (