FAITH (17.02.12)

©Reto Albertalli/phovea 2012

Some really nice messages reached me, through and thanks to the strange universe of digital communication. On this blog, e-mailed, per skype and via shortmsg. Virtual head-up s, who do make a difference. Makes you feel alone, still, but never lonely. And you start building up some faith. Again. You desperately want to believe. Beyond religions (...). And as nothing seems to come: you know it's time to give. Stop thinking too much and just give. The rest will come by itself, I believe.


  1. oh yes: and the picture? not even photoshopped (yet) :)

    1. :)Finally!:)
      It was worth "waiting"...
      What a nice message! with an admirable picture!
      It doesn't even needed photoshopping to see (and feel)
      the beauty in it... I just can't stop watching...:)
      Thank You for sharing it!
      Just keep believe! (and writing, if you have a little time) And don't forget the pictures!! :) Silvia