Ever experienced the feeling of beeing at the wrong airport? It's horrible and you would like to disappear. But a taxidriver saved our trip. 
Ever stud there like an idiot remembering your iranian visa on your passport while israelis looking at it? It took some more controls and time but we finally passed all the security checks with cameras, film rolls and the whole stuff...
"Going to West Bank?" "Nooooo too dangerous! We're here for holydays at the sea!"
Now we're at Momo's hostel in tel aviv. By opening the bags we found our stuff not the way we packed it and a letter from the security guys... Normal. But strange anyway.
Yesterday  we had a beer at the sea, walking in the sand. Wow that changes from Berlin (hahaha)!
Maybe we'll move directly to Jerusalem. But if the journalist Iwould like to see here in Tel Aviv has time for me, we'll stay another night. Hope having internet soon again. CIAO

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  1. Je viens seulement de comprendre que West Bank et Cisjordanie c'est la même chose...:( Faudra qu'on déplie une carte de la région quand tu viens à Rolle!
    Fais gaffe à tes couilles, oublie pas que Nachtwey n'a pas de femme, pas d'amis...