Reinhard enjoying his sunday in Chiasso. I'll spend one week with him in his truck's cabin! 

I take a look at my "next locations" on this page and there's a feeling like "wow!" that looks like what I always dreamed of! 
Sunday I will leave berlin for going to a german truckdriver's home and then monday morning we'll leave with his truck to Holland. There he will charge and we'll drive through Europe, down to Chiasso, and finally to Italy. And back. Finally this project seems to happen!!! After all the waiting and calling... :))) I met Reinhard (the driver) in Chiasso precisely the 4th of november! It's exactly half a year ago!!!
I'll be back on saturday the 12th in the evening and on the 15th Aglaia and I got our plane to Tel Aviv. There we'll move to Jerusalem and meet several contacts, there and elsewhere, for our "photo/ fiber art" project.
We'll catch our flight back the 30.04... Probably It would be too much doing the May Day this year! (hehehe) Also because I have a wedding the third of may and we fly back to Ticino the 2nd at 6 a.m.
The 16th of may we got our exhibition "Doppio Filo" (as seen at Galleria Balmelli in Bellinzona last year) at the Abel Neue Kunst Gallerie here in Berlin Mitte, wich means a whole lot of stuff to be done... After that I'll process and edit almost one month of shooting!!! 
Now it feels like: OK! that's motivating! That looks like the life I want to live! 
It has been some strange days this last days... The "second berlin assignment" was canceled and again I had to say "no" to different swiss photo editors because they needed me in a short delay in Ticino (Switzerland), and not up here in grey Berlin. That, mixed up to my feelings, and I quick fell back into a kind of black hole... Then, as soon as the people we contacted in West Bank sent us very positive and nice anwers, and the truck driver called for "action!", I seem to defrost from my lethargy.... slowly. But certainly.
But it would be impossible to take control of your own situation without the people around you, and their precious and selfless help and support...

p.s. oh yes and then in june I'll test, during one month, photographer's life in Geneva! By the way during the soccer EM08.


  1. Scambio forse possibile---- io sarò in autostrada Metz-Milano lunedi 7. RItorno a Metz Domenica 13 ---- fammi sapere ----

  2. PS: ricordati di portare una liberatoria!

  3. dobbiamo tenerci in contatto telefonico. CHE COSA è una liberatoria? fai sapere... :)