ULRICHEN (26.08.07)

"Mindsensor", illustration by Kurt Wunderlich

01.28 a.m. I m sitting at the reception of the Landhaus Hotel in Münster. My beautiful black macbook is my only companion. But let s tell things from the beginning... while 210 images (3 MB each) are beeing uploaded to Hamburg...
As I arrived at Zurich airport I got a call from the journalist: his plane was late...two hours and a half too late!!! The clerks of Citiy Disc Airport must hate me: I listened to discs during the whole time and bought nothing at all (by the way Entombed s new album isn t really great). As the plane landed the bags took 30 minutes waiting more. Then we rented a car, took a drive inside zurich s evening traffic jam, then completely get lost on highways so that we missed the last "fair-train" through the Furka Pass and finally the gps (yes we had a gps and we got lost) went crazy because of the straight turns up in the mountains and we serioulsy thought we were totally lost in the darkness of the Swiss Alps. As Ulrichen appeared the village turned out to be nothing else than the first village you cross coming down from the Nüfenen Pass (Ticinesi for shure see)...
As we went for a beer we found the president of the FIFA heavy partying with friends of the club... we where invited and that helped us a lot today. We woke up early... I really don t giveadam about soccer but as I guess seeing the excitement of the journalist seeing guys like Platini, Beckenbauer and Blatter toghether is something special... and by the fact that I dontgivadam they all are all very cool to me... I also met some very cool photographers up here, excellent professionals and nice persons... One even is here for GEO schweiz! But: what a stress, what a hurry... the next friend asking me if photographing is really a profession will come with me just for getting the idea! And in the evening we discovered that the hotel has got NO adsl internet connection for customers!!! But the chief here is really great and I m now sitting at his desk, as I said, at the reception, wich could be very funny if I wasn t that tired and hungry. No need telling what it took to make the connection work... No need telling how long I have to wait here... And no need telling you on what time we got up tomorrow. My plane leaves at 19 pm. It s gonna be stressy til the end... but then I ll make a bit of nothing in berlin again... See you there!!!
By the way I feel by now exactly as standind guard during the army :/


  1. Hei rettangolo, how are you? You know, my businnes with Ubs is fuking out! Anyway, more peolple said the joob coming end go ewery moment... i hope the nex job come early!
    Cool for the new macbook, tel me more what you think about is. So...
    Take care!

  2. non so perchè ma posso pubblicare commenti solo come anonimo... bho?

  3. Theeee! Sarebbe si da andare a far foto agli incendi!!! Anche in Italy c'è un bel casotto!
    Mandami un mail per Afp please! Me son scurdato il nome del tizio...

  4. Tra l'altro... cos'è quella linea dell'orizzonter che pende parecchio verso destra? non ti sarai preso la kratochvillite? hehe
    Un abbraccio

  5. Voglio la traduzione dell'illustrazione!!!! non capisco un C... o una M... di Tedesco! L'unica cosa che ho capito è che Reto fa delle belle foto... e già da qua si capisce che il resto deve essere divertente ;-)

  6. Beh è divertente... e comunque vedi che non capisco un c... di tedesco?