click (HERE) to see what they did with my 200 pics sent urgently until 5.40 a.m saturday night. (the whole story again HERE)


  1. Sometimes I think I should not talk in my blog about the "pay my bills" work but just keep on telling about what I like. The Freaks Project. The Wall Project. ... . I know we are just a bounch of friends telling sh*t but: is it also about the projection of yourself? the mental image that one has of himself... that creates a similar reality then?

  2. Yes man!
    Ca c'est de la publication...
    mais tu t'en fous.... au moins t'as pu te payer un laptop et mettre le pied dans la porte du Bild.

  3. I get a call today telling me that they really did like my pics and effort and that we will continue a collaboration here in berlin (when theur fix photographer is too busy) and that's really great. I'm really really happy!!! Another work I did times ago also has been judged as ok, seen the situation.
    But I will now stop telling you for who I am working, and more precisely show you pictures. It is possible that my clients, wich pay, don't want to see the work published otherwise then on their supports. So a Blog IS basically a publication and I will not create any discrepancies or even worst loose any good jobs (I so hardly fighting for) for writing my diary to a small circle of friends.
    As told by friends it seems that my little misadventures are interesting in a funny way... I will since now try to relate about it without names of persons, places nor whatever could be related to my clients. I guess in some cases the reproduction of the publication should be ok, but not if the client is strictly private and not part of the public information system.
    It wan't change anything for us.
    So my friends: go on clicking my blog and make me feel less isolated here in Berlin, where I do great with my gilfriend but sometimes miss firends and collegues...
    Thanx for all and see ya soon here

  4. Oh yes I forgot: the big of the story will come out on wednesday the 5th of september! ;) CIAO