For the first time in my life (career?) I will get payed for taking a plane and go to a foreign country for a three day long reportage. And the contry is: Switzerland! Hahaha! I can't believe it. But it's cool anyway! It's a sport magazine from Hamburg (pretty known even), not really the highest level concerning photography but I'm happy! Three days fallowing an important sportsman (the probably most important guy in soccer now) in the canton of Vallis!!! Car, Hotel, Food payed... and a good pay-off too. And on saturday some other two awesome names from the sport's world will play golf with "my man". A very exclusive story, a lot of pictures on many pages. The big shot! WOW.
Some things must be said also. The bigger Jesus Freaks event in Berlin, on wich I'm working (see some past posts here on my blog), is exactly this weekend. And... Aglaia just landed in Berlin some hours ago and I'll be gone tomorrow or after... But she's cool: doesn't have that "looking up at me with those old puppy dog eyes" by saying it's ok do what you have to do... she smiles and is happy for me. And I think it's great!
AND... the images have to be sent from this village up in the mountains and I DON'T HAVE A LAPTOP. So tomorrow I'll do a thing I should have done before... I invest the whole money I will gain from this trip in a macbook (the black one: gorgeous!). Well for that decision Aglaia laughed a bit less... I'm pretty happy today! GREAT :))) and the sun is shinig as it were summer again im Himmel über Berlin.


  1. Ehhh Mabruk! (complimenti)

    Non male come assignment... Cosi proverai anche tu la vita da espatriato al lavoro... he he hee!

    Giusto 2 commenti sulla buca del tuo giardino:

    1. Era una Punto, non una Panda
    2. Guarda che la notte era proprio solo bagnata dalla pioggia!! ;)

  2. 3. Unsere Sommer-Touren im Juli und August 2007

    Wettermäßig waren unsere Sommer-Touren im Juli und August durchwachsen. Aber alle Plüschis wurden entspannt und trocken durch Berlin geführt.

    Die Juli-Tour wurde von dem Schweizer Fotografen Reto Albertalli begleitet. Eine ausführliche Fotostrecke über unsere Arbeit gibt es nun unter - Diverses - strates/Schweiz - Fotostrecke August 2007

    Und die aktuellen Tour-Fotos sind in unserer Galerie zu finden: