de PRESS (04.08.07)

It's a nice moment for me... I'm working almost everyday... even for tomorrow an unexpected assignement flew in! Feng Shui? But not for the film festival. I have to illustrate the fact that our river fiume maggia is pretty dry! didn't even know! Anyway today I saw his majesty Anthony (f.f.f.f.f.) Hopkins. Unfortunately we were MILLIONS of photographers in our stroboscopic pogo (flashes and kicks) trying to get a well exposed and correctly framed photo of his face (no use speaking of portrait in this kind of case). It's real PRESS work. Acting like butchers wasn't Anthony's work today! But anyway interesting of course!
It's nice to see my ex-collegues from Ti-Press, hanging round with Igor and even the others... The weather is perfect. I just am not seeing my girlfriend this days, working at bar Paravento in Locarno... she works during the night, begins when I'm driving home with the rented Smart (ticino and no car? forget it!)... We will survive :) saluti


  1. yeah! dopo hannibal oggi arriva la michelina che é altrettanto si vede nella marea di gente

  2. Yeahhhh
    Sir Anthony Rulez
    La Michelima Calmina Reina?

  3. Thieri di occidental swizeraAugust 6, 2007 at 4:27 PM

    Joli Chicho!!
    Ca bosse dur on dirait!! Eh, puisque tu aimes tant écrire:), ça te dirait pas d'essayer de proposer texte et image à tes clients?? On en avait déjà causé dans le passé, je sais pas si tu te souviens, c'est ce que j'avais fait avec 24 Heures depuis New York. A voir...
    (Moi j'ai vu Don Johnson avec ma maman, ils est presque aussi vieux qu'Anthony!)

  4. Que bello il TicinoAugust 9, 2007 at 10:01 AM

    Yo! Tu bosses enfin pour Laura, chouette, tu me raconteras! Ecoute (non, "lis!"), moi je suis libre samedi soir, et/ou dimanche soir (mais pas trop tard, je me lève tôt) et/ou lundi soir après le boulot, Jenny a un peu plus de temps le jour je pense. Evidemmment tu peux dormir chez nous à Cossonay. Tiens-moiau courant si tu as le temps de passer, envoi plutôt un mail que sur le blog, au cas ou!