HOT DAM' (31.07.07)

If you're not hearing from me it probably means I'm busy... And when that happens I'm usually happy.
I'm back in Ticino, film festival has not began yet but allready had some work and finished some other: a long wedding, a reportage for a swiss-german magazine after a night drinking (jeeez was that a horrible day, except for photography), another happy couple and some swiss francs for my next days. And I have some nice assignements waiting for me! It's so great having things to do! Today I received a call from one of the most important wach producers worldwide... a moment I was so much waiting for... they are somehow gonna test me with a portrait during the festival and that makes me feel under pressure. Really. You wait so long for a chance for showing what you got and when the moment arrives you s*it in your pants. I have some time for building up a bit more self confidence...I somewhen sweard that if this company ever asked me for collaboration I would pay myself toys for my Canon... It is not a long reportage so I can't invest a lot, but for shure a nice lense and a flash for the D5 would make it!!! I'm never gonna make it if I spend my money for working! But it's what makes me feel good! The agency in Lausanne seems happy with the teddy story and I hope somebody will publish. I will tell you about the God's Freak Show later and show the pics... It was pretty boring but very interesting. A good subject wich has to be developped more with some more time. Sorry if my english is even peggio del solito ma ho il cervello in pappa con sto caldo appiccicoso... ora devo darmi una mossa a spedire le foto, lavorate oggi in redazione per domattina! Amici ticinesi vediamo di vederci, il weekend son libero! ma non voglio piu tritarmi come i giorni scorsi, è l'unico mese dove in ticino si lavora bene... percui è proprio da idioti rovinarsi il presente cosi drasticamente! Ma mi farebbe piacere vedervi CIAO
And happy national day to all of you schweizer volk!!! Anyone seen the UDC (cdu) flyers? fucking racists! Hate them so much... Neo nazis will have a probelm substituting their swastika with the smiling sun on the logo! So uncool!!! (grrrrrrr)

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