JUST DU DOUIT (21.07.07)

©Philippe Dudouit

Yesteray we (Aglaia and I) hung out with an iraqi artist, a friend of us, living also between our native Ticino and Berlin. He's older than we are, a real adult ;) , and has his place in the art business since years. He is an awesome talker. He is capable to talk and talk about any- ad everything, he promotes his work and himself constantly, he understud to find fundings, public or private ones, for financing his projects, he is natural born networker. He's got plenty of skills I ain't got , at all (i got probably some others, I'm not complaining). Promotion? PR? FINDING blingblings even before fisically starting to create your body of work? I don't have a clue!!!
Very interesting... And after some beers we decided officially to do a project on poverty in Switzerland. On a conceptual basis, artistic... for me always photographic. I wantede to work on this theme allready a couple of years ago. I'm in for the challenge of course, and let's see what will happen next. I'm courious. I hope beeing part of the fundrising level, for learning!
Today a good friend of mine called on my cell phone... MAN! he just came back from the north of Irak and did an awesomse reportage about the PKK's (Kurdish Workers' Party) (infos here and here) and I had a kind of admiring jealousy and a stupid frustration. I mean, in the end: I just should pay me a ticket to somewhere. This guy has my age, somehow we come from the same school and for shure we come from the same nation and situation: no miracles, just will to do. Then I took the shitty bike the neighbor lent us and went the whole afternoon up and down the streets carrying all our dirty clothes to the laundry. Now I look at all my black t-shirt drying in the appartement and wonder why the hell I sit here waiting for the miracle. And in the same time Berlin is nice in summer, the beer is tasty, kebab cheap, got a girlfriend, got a very little money to live ok for some months... Isn't there a thing missing? I should be able to fix some GOALS, clearly... put money aside for a project and fucking do it.
I was chatting with my chileno manflunflero friend and he invites me to go and see him, saying he's got plenty of projects for me. And soon I will meet again the journalist who created the peacechair project (infos) for Chechnya, he seemed intrested in my idea of a reportage with him down there. Let's see. Let's keep on waiting enjoying life as it comes?
By the way: I see so many red points appearing on the map, I can't figure out who's behind some of them! So please just leave a short hello message clicking on "commenti" at he end of this post! It would make me happy! Wh0's a la playa in Mexico? Is someone allready in Perpignan? And check out my friend's work here! (click on a pic for getting the whole story)


  1. That map is amazing, ain't it? I am still trying to figure out who's the norse who visited me... I also want an Iranian dot!

    Anyway, I posted your pic on the PabloMondo, thank again for it.

    Too bad this comment has no audio. I would have loved speakin' it out loud with a Kiwi accent (one day I'll explain why).

    Godi forte

  2. Too long! But you also started to get used to blogspot, and there s no bigger time-stealer than the internet.
    Fuckin' hell, everytime you have something to do, you'd better turn off the net! Amazing how absolutely unimportant things get interesting when u'd have something else to do.

    Take care

    Ticinesi del mondo, unitevi!
    Chiassesi dispersi, dominateli!

  3. So much truth in 2 lines:

    We may be drnkers, but at the end we are HUMAN BEINGS.

  4. you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Batman identity is taking you over. Gotham definitely needs you

  5. Anyway, I just watched Dudoit's website: absolutely awesome! I love the Ivory Coast reportage, I'll check the others in a few days. Definitely awesome mate. Tell him.