I almost fell off my bike passing by the wall today! If we weren't talking about Batman in the comments to the "mauerpark" post I would never have seen him! Anyway I discovered an awesome photo store nex to Rosenthalerplatz. Incredible! (www.monochrom.com) And there I found the classy portfolio box I was so hardly looking for... Riding across town I took some pictures, as a tourist , of the TV tower mostly, of the wall (trying to conceptualize a story)... I had AC/DC's back in black running in my walkman (sorry: no i-pod), my 5 euro sunglasses on...my face pretty shaved and I felt in peace with the town. I felt accepted, like if staying the whole winter thriough freezing litteraly my balls made sense today. Berlin is really a great place to be in summer! WOW. It's been since long I didn't feel so good connecting to the real world. Great!
I'm pretty shure this blog is helping me feelin a bit less alone (I do great with my girlfriend, so I really don't have to cry too much), but sometimes it's also about knowing you're not completely isolated. I feel betther since a made peace with my buddy Thierry, and I finally am no more thinking about the gallerist who kicked us out of his place after not having sold a thing. You might be laughing, mostly because it's the big beardy bear telling you, but we did some feng shui changes in the appartement (and it's NOT my girlfriends idea - she's still laughing on me, but less and lesser). One palpable thing is that the money zone of the appartement was stuck with our stuff and since we cleaned up well.. some blocked money is finally flowing into my pockets! Think what you want... I don't mind. ;) Wanna hear even betther? Downloading some music I've found a guy telling bullshit on motivation. A HipHop Guru whatever I don't know what... I kept on listening for improving my english. And: this guy put some fire under my ass! Since then I've decided not going through town by U-Bahn (metro) but by bike and keep on looking at things! I keep on writing on this blog even if I feel I shouldn't (cause it's not "work"). I made peace with some of my buddies I treated bad, and I'm still trying to rebuild contacts with some of my lost contacts. I try to change my pessimistic attitude to a sanely agressive and positive one. That's why I now go to bed before midnight ;)
Let's see how long it's gonna last :))) hehehehe


  1. man, so good to see u r feeling so good. Keep on writing ur blog, keep on feng shuing your house, keep on riding ur bike... I'll keep on writing comments on the retangular blog.
    Tonight was completely crazy, i ll post something about last week. so long i ve been thinking of posting something. 2moro i ll probably write some posts one after each other, with no editing control over them, as usual.... fuckin hell. what a night
    have fun mate
    enjoy berlin for me!!!!

  2. I would like to know if it's techniquement possible and allowed by the Berliner law to put a picture with my comment? Cause, everybody in this blog will have a nice day after that, seeing how beautiful our friend Reto is...Reto, allez, dis ouiiiii, je te promets que je met pas une photo de toi avec un handicapé:)

  3. ok vas-y: balance... je crois que je vais la publier.