FRIDAY 13 (07.07)

©Xavier Voirol/Strates

Yesterday I went for (a) beer with the photographer Xavier Voirol ( We are part of the same agency, Strates, but we never really met. He spent 6 months in Berlin thanks to an Atelier program for artists and cultural critics. During this 6 months he worked on three (mainly two) projects. It really made me think. He is about 40 years old, 20 years as a photographer. Totally self-motivated, determinated and disciplined. All qualities that I miss so much! He told never touching his computer without getting shaved and clean before. You should see me right now! This guy walks around the whole day long shooting! Wow.
Then I received a mail from a young guy I met last summer. He wanted to become a photograper instead of the architect he was and asked ME how to make it . Well he is writing me that it is still hard in the beginning but he is making a living out of his stuff... The impression I have is that he is doing betther than me. I need to build up my WILL to do, right here, right now. So my dear readers: I got to go... taking a shower and finish editing the teddys! bye


  1. Happy you had your shower, don't want any more news about dead men with stinking feet... ;)

    Do not worry. Your will is great and your capacities as well. Take it easy and keep on shooting. Or editing, coz I can't wait for the Teddies.

    Long life for Mendrisiottini!

  2. Mittente: Sxxx
    Ora ricezione: 13:28:47 13/07/2007
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    Bello blog, non ci capisco un gran che ma è una buona occasione per ripassare english... (...)
    P.S.voglio una maglietta "ME NE FOTO" in M... ciao

  3. Today, Friday 13th, I went to a photography store with all my stuff. I was looking at my “old friend Canonino”, who was with me in Switzerland, Pakistan, England or USA,and I was wondering if it’s gonna be hard to say him adios. So many small adventures, moments of disappointment..and happiness!
    So, I put everything on the table. All my lenses, my flashes, my tripod… Waiting for the miracle, when the man will give me so much money to buy my photography stuff. Well, He gave me less than expected, obviously, but I wasn’t disappointed. I was almost happy.

    When I went out the shop, I didn’t felt sad, actually, I felt free. I understood that photography was a nice girl-friend, but hard to satisfy. Now, I won’t hide my face and my feelings behind the camera. I will give my eyes a rest, another way to watch the world, the people. I have no regrets, maybe I had loved to be a great photographer, but it’s not so important finally, I guess. I found what I was looking for, perhaps…héhé.

    Sometimes, you Reto told me, “I don’t know to do nothing but photography”. It’s beautiful to see a person fight for his dream. I’ll admire that all my life. And you, you cry, you laugh, you scream, you want to throw your camera against the walls, you sing, but you never give up, you always are looking in front of you, with hope and courage.
    Viva tomorrow and good luck man, I believe in You, go take your shower. (and me, now, I’ll drink my first beer of non-photographer!).

  4. Una maglietta anche per me che me ne foto della classe dei medici.
    A.... devo ancora vedere le foto dell'irlanda:)


    ciao Elia

  5. bella reto,
    stasera serata tranquilla anche perché domani ho un matrimonio, poi ti rispondo con più calma a tutto e aggiungo pure un post o due al blogghe. Però caspita, sono rimasto sorpresissimo, davvero facevi RAP?? pensavo tu fossi un metallaro nato!! Tanto ci sta tutto, basta che sia buona musica.

    A presto.

    E già che ci sono, ordino anche io una maglietta per quando saranno disponibili.


  6. Mi ricordo ancora :), cd comprato alla tower records di Glasgow, tra puzza di fritto e un gesù cristo di 15 anni che rubava i cd....( che non eri tu reto, non avevamo ancora la barba noi:) )

    Come on Rangers

  7. scappo al matrimonio. Io ero big fan di ICE-T e public enemy; così come del wu tang clan, pharcyde , A tribe called quest e pure Ice cube e Cypress Hill. Fanculo a Vanilla Ice, Criss cross e milly vanilli. Ma ben presto ho cominciato a fregarmene del Rap, nel senso che non era la mia ragion di vita.
    L'ultimo album che ho comprato (insieme all'autobiografia di Ice-T) è stato l'album Body Count, che secondo me rientra nell'incrocio Rap-Metal. Te lo ricordi?

    Belle le foto per il blogspot wedding, peccato quest'anno si sposino solo max e chicca oggi. L'anno dei mille matrimoni è stato due anni fa. I prossimi ti faccio advertising.

    ciao, buon lavoro.