CHRIST KIDS (08.07.07)

Today I visited for the first time a Mass of a group called in a similar way as Christ Kids here in Berlin. An Idea for a new Story suggested by a photographer friend in Geneva knowing a girl working on this theme for her studies in anthropology. I think the story is pretty interesting and I wanted first to visit this kids, ask for permission and getting the feeling. The meeting for Mass was in a bar in center. I first thought beeing wrong seeing "normal" young guys preparing for a rock gig. But I was told the holy meeting was there. A few other people between 18 and 30 years walked in. A girl with long dreadlocks turned out to be the singer, and as the group began to play I was happy about the fast guitars on puck rock tempo...the girl act sexy and as I listen to words... well... prayers in mothern key came to my ears. People with no interst in punk sound were fallowing the beat headbanging fast and praying in trance... As a big guy with military pants and cherokee haircut began to speak about the bible while the music played softly on the rough instruments i suddenly became sentimental thinking on human struggle in a society where you are left on your own and no sane rituals nor beliefs exist. It is for shure not a bad thing believing in a Christ then completely self distructing yourself... I just can't believe those guys are against avortement and homosexuals and for shure they can't wait 'till marriage for sex. I will be at their festival on 26 and there I will start shooting.
Tomorrow I shoot the Teddy Tour Berlin! Shure it will be fun! Ciao

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  1. Why the hell I keep tellin people that Slayer's "Angel of Death" is the greatest song EVER and that the words are somehow unimportant or critical "against beeing for"... or... why do I feel great at their concert and when they chant about Jesus the saviour get a bit allergic... Is beeing a great musician making the real difference or is it in the public... probably if most of slayer where uplefting their left hand straight I would go home... or if thy were starring at Araya speaking out the words as under hypnosis and totally believing in the message... I don't know... Why does words matters if prayers and not as "hopp schwiiz, the meaning of pain, the way that I want you to day..." ???