2.22 A.M (15.07.07)

I'm really tired. I spent almost the whole day in front of the screen editing a wedding and preparing each single file to make the best out of the choosen shot. As always! I sometimes think the client won't see a difference but in the end I believe that he sees a quality (probably thinks that if he could pay himself my camera he could do the same but whatever...) Even if some photographers consider weddings shit... I do my work as good as I can. It's a story to tell! And I can invest some money in personal projects.
I'm really happy because after hanging out on the sand beaches of Berlin for one hour or so, all along the wall (looking for ideas), some guys called me on my handy for a basketball game... I still got some skills but...hey...my breath and endurance are GONE! So young and so old!!! But it already feels good, some bad eneregy was sweat out and for shure I will fall asleep as soon as I touch my bed... let's hope playing again on monday! By the way I didn't get answers to my accreditation demand for the Jesus Festival. I hope not having to pay! I barely can afford all this costs... let's see!
Thanks to all of you guys letting a message as "commenti"! I really do appreciate a lot! And thanks for ordering my "me ne foto" t-shirts! To all of my shy friends: write a comment in your language (italian, french, german, mexican, iranian... whatever) and make me happy! I go to sleep now. Hope having more exciting news soon! Ciao
and PS thierry I think a lot abou tyour story! let's get for a beer as soon as you're back from where you are...

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  1. 0:23 AM e 23 mozziconi schiacciati nel posacenere...

    Reto mio caro, fumo troppo, sto seduto troppo, ci vorrebbe un Charlottiano anche a Losanna per andare a sfogarsi al campetto.

    ciao ai nostri futuri sucessi, Olé