CHECK LIST (24.07.07)

My girlfriend just cut my hair shorter with my gadget from the Mauerpark flea market (infos). 20 minutes of pure panic! "Is this thing gonna work?" I really needed a cut, I looked like one of those "teddys on tour" (infos)... and I can't show up at a wedding like that... but neither like a punk, in case of problems! But she did great and I'm ready for tonight... I take her out for eating since I'm shure the money from that last wedding is gonna flow in (the couple was SOOOO happy! they always are with my work, but I get stressed anyway until I know for shure). We're going out because it's a kind of last chance toghether in Berlin. Tomorrow I'll be gone for the Freakstock Festival (infos) reportage until thuesday evening. Just 24 hours of shootin: hard! I have to catch the last train bringing me back to Berlin, and that will be possible just if catch the right bus before. If not I'm deeply f... . Our plane takes off on friday morning and on saturday pretty early a.m I have this almost 12 hours wedding... So it's like domino. If I miss the Bus... the rest comes with! But no problem. Then once back in homeland Ticino I have one or two days of pure leisure and afterwards the Film Festival in Locarno (infos) starts. Aglaia, my girlfriend, has found a great job as barmaid, dishwasher and cooky (infos)... and she will make good money, for shure more than here in Berlin, whilst I'll be anxiously hoping for clients to call. I'm pretty shure I'm gonna have some work. BUT! I don't have a laptop and I don't have a CAR!!! so how the f... do I think sending the pictures in a fast way? I have to organize myself! And pretty soon. Anyway... we are going for an indian (infos) tonight also because we both will be staying at our parents home... so definitely it ain't the same! So now if I have to prepare my big bag for returning in Switzerland... Pray for me and my Jesus Freaks ;)


  1. Hey reto, you might have heard something about the DETOUR in London, the moleskine exhibiton... Anyway last week I was visiting the website, and while I was checking the clips, there was one which made me think of you and aglaia check them out:

    Detour link

    For Aglaia: Brigit Brenner Moleskine:

    Have fun in your twisted trips, dont get squeezed!

    Mendrisiotto forever!

  2. Amen!
    Buona fortuna:)

  3. che indirizzo è???? non è scritto tutto bene... e sono mega curiosa! grazie!

  4. allora aspetta te lo metto sul mio blog perché qui infatti non si legge bene.
    vai su

  5. il post si intitola "Per Aglaia", lo troverai subito.

    ciao ciao buona continuazione

  6. Ma chi si sposa il28 luglio?

  7. Eddai che con i vecchi a casa é ancora più eccitante! Come ai tempi dell'adolescenza, quando s'era magri (hihi ahah uhuhu) e pieni d'ormoni....

  8. ih ih ih
    mi risulta chiaro l'accennino al "quando si era magri"
    maldito pablo, se ben ricordoc il tuo fisico tu non soffri né conosci i problemi di coloro i cui muscoli addominali si rilassarono... Certo poi, c'è a chi succede a 9 anni

    occhio che il tipo mena e adora far causa, niente commenti offensivi nei suoi confronti

  9. Eh eh eh
    non l'avevo mai visto paura!

  10. l'indiano became a red's nice to keek and peek in your life because of your blog: it's a point of vue that I don't see...!
    Hehehe....don't be too maranza in this virtual exchange..... ;-) bye bye "german coupon" (hahahahaha)!